Song Story: Hiding Place

by Stacy Tan

We rise & we fall as the sky changes shade But oh Lord you stay the same So come & sing, all you sons & daughters Delve deep to secret place.

I have always loved being in the quiet. I believe that it is where one hears God best & I also believe that the voice of God is the best form of inspiration. Back in 2013, I remember reading this scripture during my quiet time with the Lord:

“But you, Sovereign Lord, help me for your name’s sake; out of the goodness of your love, deliver me. For I am poor & needy, & my heart is wounded within me. I fade away like an evening shadow…” (Psalm 109: 21-23, NIV)

That image of David fading away like an evening shadow just resonated with me. I thought, how true this is of humanity: how temporary are our earthly ways, our ideals of beauty, affliction, passion, but yet how our Lord remains faithful, closer than the air that we breathe. That whenever we falter - & trust me, we will - we can come under the shadow of His wing & drink from an unending well of grace. That thought still astounds me today.

I started writing Hiding Place immediately & completed it within two days. Thank you Jesus, for the words, for the quiet in which I can always rest.

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I’m at a loss for words At a love that draws me near With you, whom shall I fear? My hiding place

& what does “coming home” mean? Grammatically, it doesn’t make sense; rather, one says I’m going home, simply because it’s more natural. Going denotes the saying of a farewell from wherever you are, & then the returning to a static sense of home.

But I love what the other word means & what it insinuates: coming, as if for most of my life I had been running away & have suddenly realized what it means to one day, truly arrive home. Like a prodigal daughter, I am still running, only this time I am not running away, but running into the arms of the Father. When I sing I’m coming home, I am returning to the point from which I have always belonged.

& how good it must feel when I finally stand at the doorstep of heaven, in the sweet & secure embrace of Jesus. It’s a big part of the journey - the coming home.

I hope this song blesses you.

Love, Stacy

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