Let It Sound Like - The Story Behind the EP


by Alarice

Earlier this year, I wrote a song curiously named ‘I Have a Song’ - a prayerful longing of the heart that sought to bring deeper understanding of the truest form of worship - a surrendered heart of total obedience to God. It is not about the music or something that can be compartmentalized neatly into a service - worship in the rawest form is our unabandoned obedience to follow Jesus because we have been overwhelmed by the love He first showed us. The song posed a question beyond just a melody: What would our worship sound like?

I believe that the songs written for this EP capture the facets of worship. Prodigal & Come Alive explore the depths of repentance & the need of the human heart for a Saviour.  He is Yahweh - the sound of high exaltation & praise in the presence of a Holy God. & finally, Where the Spirit, a joyous melody of the prisoner set free.

Let it sound like A church alive Let it sound like Our faith on fire Let it sound like The song of heaven on earth 

(I Have A Song - Awaken Generation)

What do you hear when you listen for the deepest cry of worship?

I hear the revival of the coldest of hearts, I hear the footsteps of a Father running to embrace His lost child, I hear the cries of a church alive & burning for Jesus, I hear hope for a dying world.

We pray that as you listen to the songs of this worship EP by Awaken Generation, that you would be ushered into the deepest realms of worship, that it would spark a desire in you to live radically for the God who gave His all for you.

You can now purchase Let It Sound Like on iTunes - a culmination of a year’s worth of prayer, songwriting & production work by the 2016 student cohort & the Awaken Generation Team.