(the making of) Sons & Daughters

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by Alarice

We lift our voices & declare
You are able, we’re prepared
Build your kingdom as you raise a generation
An army laid down for your cause
A revolution marked by love
Build your kingdom as you raise a generation…

Since Awaken Generation started earlier this year, I always knew that I wanted to release original music that came from our own students. There’s something special that happens when a nation sings songs written BY the people of that very nation. Original music written by the local church is like a mirror; the soundscapes reflect the physical terrain, the internal conflicts of its people, the hungry cry of the multitudes. Local church has its own vocabulary & worship sound, & it was always a dream of mine to capture that very sound. Who knew that it would happen so soon!

Sometime in early May, one of our songwriting stream students Yvonne Ng started to pen a song called “Sons & Daughters”. It is a powerful song about a generation finding its identity in Christ, & before we knew it, it had become an anthem for the class of 2015. I thought, how great it would be if we could one day record this song. Nothing big – just a couple musicians & a simple set up. That would be amazing!

Original music written by the local church is like a mirror; the soundscapes reflect the physical terrain, the internal conflicts of its people, the hungry cry of the multitudes…


God is funny. I love how he just shows up & pours his blessing over our endeavours, regardless if we are ready or not. What started as a tiny idea soon exploded into a full-scale production: four tracks, an eight-piece band, fifteen vocalists & a full videography team. In just five weeks, our team & student cohort pulled together & wrestled with the weight of this massive project – yet, I knew that God was doing something. When something magnificent happens through something small like Awaken Generation, it’s not to feed human ego but to point back to His incredible providence & grace. It’s then that one can confess, with all heart & soul: This could only be God.

Thus here it is: The Sons & Daughters Live Recording Project. Recorded in an empty warehouse in the heart of the city & uniting students across all streams, it embodies the heart of worship that we value & cultivate here at Awaken Generation. We hope these songs will minister to you as they have ministered to us.

You can download the chord chart for Sons & Daughters here. Stay tuned for more tracks from our debut EP!


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Alarice Hong

Alarice Hong

Senior Leader / Resident Mentor, Songwriting at Awaken Generation
A singer-songwriter, worship leader & guitarist, Alarice’s mission in life is to inspire others to live the radical call of Jesus over their lives. Born in Auckland, New Zealand to Singaporean parents, Alarice grew up around the world before being called to Singapore in 2011. A lover of great lyrics and songs that speak directly to the heart, Alarice’s music is played regionally across Singapore, Malaysia & Asia Pacific. Along with her husband Calvin, Alarice now ministers through song, worship leading & teaching locally and regionally. Alarice released her debut album ‘Sunday Afternoon’ in 2011 with Warner Music & her sophomore project ‘The Kingdom’ with Oops!Asia in 2014. Alarice has graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of New South Wales in 2008 & has attended Bethel’s School of Worship in 2012. Follow her at @alaricemusic http://www.alaricemusic.com
Alarice Hong

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