Student Testimony: Learning to Say “Yes” to God


by Faith Lim

This is a testimony of God’s providence, gentleness, grace and glory.

Songwriting has been a calling close to my heart & affirmed by God through different people that He has placed in my life. When I received the notification email from AG that 2016 registration was open & that there was a songwriting stream, my heart was filled with much excitement. However, the total cost of this 8 month-long course stood as a hindrance as a student without an income & so I decided to wait another year to save up for it.

On the day of the early bird closing date, I received an unexpected but timely message from a brother of Christ & something in my heart began to stir. God was speaking! Stepping out in faith, I sat in front of the piano & to my amazement, a song was birthed forth by the grace of God all within 15 minutes. I submitted my application with so much joy & by God’s grace once again, I got accepted!

Orientation day came & I found out that there was an additional 10% reduction in cost if the full year’s fees had been paid in full. The ‘Singaporean’ in me & my fleshly wisdom & reasoning thought it would be a good decision. My boyfriend agreed to help pay the full fees first & when God had provided the funds in the future to then return him the cost. The next day, we heard God’s gentle rebuke, “Did I tell you to pay for the whole year? Do you not think I am able? I want you to press in & trust me to take care of this.” God didn’t need me to help him save anything because He is our Abundant God & in Him we lack nothing.

My boyfriend & I made it a point each day to set aside time to seek God for His providence. Through divine appointments & simply sharing my encounters with God, I was blessed with sufficient funds for the whole year with approximately $400 in excess by the 3rd week of class commencement. The following week, I heard of a brother who had dedicated his life to serve in another ministry & was also in the midst of trusting God to provide the necessary funds. Guess how much he was asking God for? $400!!! My surplus was his answered prayer!

Every week, God broke through with His undeniable goodness & involvement in my life. This is who our God is, His timing is perfect & He desires for us to experience His Greatness & His dedication in our lives. Be blessed, knowing how much our Lord desires us & is investing in our lives. May we live lives of faith & obedience as we seek to glorify His beautiful name!

In His love & my love,

Faith Lim is one of the students at Awaken Generation this year & currently attending the songwriting stream. Her testimony is one of the many that have risen from our student cohort this year; testimonies of God’s abundant provision & grace.

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Alarice Hong

Alarice Hong

Senior Leader / Resident Mentor, Songwriting at Awaken Generation
A singer-songwriter, worship leader & guitarist, Alarice’s mission in life is to inspire others to live the radical call of Jesus over their lives. Born in Auckland, New Zealand to Singaporean parents, Alarice grew up around the world before being called to Singapore in 2011. A lover of great lyrics and songs that speak directly to the heart, Alarice’s music is played regionally across Singapore, Malaysia & Asia Pacific. Along with her husband Calvin, Alarice now ministers through song, worship leading & teaching locally and regionally. Alarice released her debut album ‘Sunday Afternoon’ in 2011 with Warner Music & her sophomore project ‘The Kingdom’ with Oops!Asia in 2014. Alarice has graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of New South Wales in 2008 & has attended Bethel’s School of Worship in 2012. Follow her at @alaricemusic
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